Tye  Wichard reports:

It was five, four, one, GO! for the RBOD fleet’s season points opening race last Saturday. Six race ready teams made the start with the majority of teams favouring the south shore allowing for some close quarters action on the line and a sole WHIMBREL taking the middle of the river.

With an excellent upwind tussle between MANDARIN, RED JACKET and PHALAROPE for clear air on the south shore it was a confused WHIMBREL who rounded first followed by RED JACKET, MANDARIN, PHALAROPE then a tight battle between the retuning BERYL and WHITE ROSE hot on their heels.

After a brief (half leg) debate between the WHIMBREL crew it was decided that attempting a white sail run was not the best way to keep the rapidly approaching RED JACKET at arm’s length and so after a quick unpacking of the kite from under the deck she was able to just keep the lead as the teams headed to the leeward mark.

As the fleet settled into their pattern, the order remained unchanged all the way through to the last lap with both the front teams of WHIMBREL, RED JACKET and MANDARIN bunching up on the last upwind leg as the wind shifted around under the town and the ongoing battle at the back between BERYL and WHITE ROSE lasting all the way to the finish line.

In the end it was an ecstatic WHIMBREL who took the day, with one crew member contemplating an early retirement from the fleet awarding him the record of 100% races sailed to races won within the RBOD fleet. However, given the launching of three additional RBOD teams it is going to be hard to resist the allure of the season to come!