RS Elites

Start Time - Normal Saturdays 14.00

What's On

Ideal boat for racing on the Crouch, this 3 man keel boat is suitable for serious racing and family crews is fast becoming recognised as one of the sleekest yachts sailing on the river. Not complicated but exhilarating without being back breaking! The RS Elite - a joy to sail.

Whitsun Regatta Results 2024

1st Serious Moonlight
Richard Bavin & Crew
2nd Blind Squirrel
Bill Blanks & Crew
3rd Excalibur
Roger Martin & Crew

Race 1
Sparkles  1st
Serious Moonlight 2nd
Blind Squirrel 3rd
Oink Squeal 4th
Excalibur 5th
Boudicca 6th

Race 2
Sparkles  4th
Serious Moonlight 2nd
Blind Squirrel 1st
Oink Squeal 6th
Excalibur 3rd
Boudicca 5th

Race 3
Sparkles  3rd
Serious Moonlight 2nd
Blind Squirrel 4th
Oink Squeal 5th
Excalibur 1st
Boudicca dns7

Race 4
Sparkles  4th
Serious Moonlight 2nd
Blind Squirrel 1st
Oink Squeal 6th
Excalibur 3rd
Boudicca 5th

Race 5
Sparkles  5th
Serious Moonlight 1st
Blind Squirrel 3rd
Oink Squeal 6th
Excalibur 2nd
Boudicca 4th

Overall Results
Sparkles  4th
Serious Moonlight 1st
Blind Squirrel 2nd
Oink Squeal 5th
Excalibur 3rd
Boudicca 6th

1WeWN Spring Series 41SaSummer Series 11Mo1Th1SuSt. Mathews Cup1Tu
3Fr3Mo3WeWN July Cup 23SaLate Summer Series 43Tu3Th
4SaMay BH Regatta R1+R24Tu4ThUK Nationals Day 14Su4WeWN Crews Race4Fr
5SuMay BH Regatta R3+R45WeWN Stuart Paul Memorial
(All In Race)
5FrUK Nationals Day 25Mo5Th5SaAutumn Series 5
6MoBank Holiday - no racing6Th6SaSummer Series 6
UK Nationals Day 3
7Tu7Fr7SuUK Nationals Day 47WeWN Summer Series 2
(Diana Memorial)
7SaAutumn Series 17Mo
8WeWN Spring Series 58SaSummer Series 28Mo8Th8Su8Tu
10Fr10Mo10WeWN July Cup 310SaLate Summer Series 510Tu10Th
11SaSpring Series 511Tu11Th11Su11We11Fr
12Su12WeWN Baldwin Trophy
(All In Race)
12Fr12Mo12Th12SaAutumn Series 6
13Mo13Th13SaLate Summer Series 113Tu13Fr13Su
14Tu14Fr14Su14WeWN Summer Series 314SaAutumn Series 214Mo
15WeWN Spring Series 615SaSummer Series 315Mo15Th15Su15Tu
17Fr17Mo17WeWN July Cup 417SaLate Summer Series 6
RBYC Summer Shorts 3
18SaSpring Series 618Tu18Th18Su18We18Fr
19Su19WeLong Distance Race19Fr19Mo19Th19SaSeason Finale R1+R2
20Mo20Th20SaLate Summer Series 2
RBYC Summer Shorts 2
20Tu20Fr20SuSeason Finale R3
(End of season lunch)
21Tu21Fr21Su21WeWN Summer Series 421SaAutumn Series 321Mo
22WeWN Spring Series 7
(RNLI Pennant)
22SaSummer Series 4
RBYC Summer Shorts 1
24Fr24Mo24WeWN July Cup 524SaBW Easterns R1+R224Tu24Th
25SaRB Whitsun Regt. R1,2,3,425Tu25Th25SuBW Easterns R3+R425We25Fr
26SuRB Whitsun Regt. R5,6,7,826WeWN July Cup 126Fr26MoBW Easterns R5+R626Th26Sa
27MoBank Holiday - no racing27Th27SaLate Summer Series 327Tu27Fr27Su
28Tu28Fr28Su28We28SaAutumn Series 428Mo
29WeWN Spring Series 829SaSummer Series 5
UK Southerns Day 1
30Tu30SuUK Southerns Day 230Tu30Fr30Mo30We
31Fr31WeWN Summer Series 131SaBW Last Sat Race31Th