Cadet Committee 2021/22
(elected August 2021)

Captain: Harriet George
Committee: Arthur Sturmer and Amelia Burden
Junior Reps: Vikram Hancock, James Martin, and Amelia Kilgour

Cadet Committee 2020
(elected August 2019)

Joint Captains: Rory Cole and Toby Warren
Flag Officers: Bella Warren and Charlie Harris
Committee: Mary Harris and Jack Robinson
Junior Reps:: Arthur Sturmer, Harriet George and Lily Root

Cadet Committee 2019
(elected August 2018)

Captain: Josh Hobday
Vice Captain: Louis Polturak
Rear Captain: Amy Robinson
Committee: Hannah Tucker, Rory Cole, Toby Warren, Bella Warren, Mary Harris, Charlie Harris, Jack Robinson

Cadet Committee 2018
(elected 24th August 2017)

Captains: Arthur Brown and Alice Woods
Vice Captain: Izzy Hobday
Rear Captains: Louis Polturak and Josh Hobday
Committee: Hannah Tucker, Rory Cole, James Pitcher, Tish Skeens, Freddie
Pitcher, Toby Warren, Bella Warren, Amy Robinson, Max Manders
Junior Rep: Arthur Sturmer

Cadet Committee 2017 
(elected 19th August 2016)

Captain: Jack Polturak
Vice Captains: Arthur Brown and Alice Wood
Rear Captains: Natasha Skeens and Izzy Hobday
Committee: Harry Cole, Hannah Tucker, Louis Polturak, Josh Hobday, Rory Cole, Amy Robinson, Max Manders, Toby Warren, Bella Warren, Mary Harris and James Pitcher
Junior Reps: Jack Robinson and Charlie Harris

Cadet Committee 2016
(Elected 21st August 2015)

Captain: Harry Cole
Vice Captains: Arthur Brown, Jack Polturak
Rear Captains: Alice Wood, Hannah Tucker
Committee: Tish Skeens, Izzy Hobday, Louis Polturak, Max Manders, Mary Harris
Junior Reps: Josh Hobday, Rory Cole