I can report that the cruise to Woodbridge via Shotley, whilst sparsely  attended, actually turned out to be a very enjoyable event, in as much as whilst catching up with old friends,  we met new crews and made new friends from the Club, which is what cruising and clubs are all about.

The planned commencement of the cruise arrived and, inevitably, it was too windy for GREY LADY, so we postponed to Friday which proved more favourable.  We duly set off with Malcolm and France Manning in PEG LEG, to meet up with the Potters in CAPELLA at Shotley. As it was a pleasant evening, drinks were held on GREY LADY  with dinner at the dreaded Bristol Arms, which was delicious.

Saturday was a lay day exploring Harwich. Did you know that there is a Banksy art work on the WW2 bunker overlooking Dovercourt Bay? We lunched in The Alma pub which we all highly recommend. After an interesting day and drinks on CAPELLA, we retired, again, to the now infamous Bristol Arms.

Sunday was an easy cruise to Woodbridge, leaving CAPELLA to return to Burnham and, after fantastic drinks and nibbles on PEG LEG, we had an unnecessary dinner at The Bull, which, I’m ashamed to say, was very enjoyable, despite the delicious nibbles!

Monday was spent investigating the fleshpots of Woodbridge, which has venues highlighting the treasures of the Viking long ship burial at Sutton Hoo as featured in the film, ‘The Dig’. We can recommend a visit to the Tide Mill, very interesting 18th century technology and still working, with various shore based exhibits about the Long Ship burial, including a full size replica of the ship under construction.

Monday, returned to Shotley in company and a rather nondescript meal at the marina restaurant, The Shipwreck, despite pleasant company.

After an enjoyable trip in the company of good friends, on Tuesday GREY LADY returned to Burnham leaving PEG LEG to explore the River Orwell.