An update on our forthcoming cruising event for those interested in joining our cruise to the River Deben.

26 May, Thursday. I propose departing Burnham at 08.30hrs to enable us to be at the Ray Sand buoy at High Water to take the ebb tide north to Shotley. Assuming we make 6Kts through The Wallet we should arrive at Shotley at approximately 15.00hrs. We usually eat ashore as cooking facilities on Grey Lady are limited.

27 May, Friday. Reconnoitre the River Stour, returning to Shotley for the evening and dining at the infamous Bristol Arms.

28 May, Saturday. Depart Shotley for the River Deben and picking up a mooring at Ramsholt Quay for dinner at the Ramsholt Arms.

29 May, Sunday. Depart for Woodbridge, berthing in the Tide Mill Yacht Harbour.

30 May, Monday. Lay day.

I have not decided, at this stage, on the dates for the return trip, suffice to say that we anticipate being back in Burnham by Thursday 2 June. All the above dates are subject to weather (mainly wind) and can be altered to suit circumstances.

Should anyone be interested in joining us please contact me on the phone number below so that I can make marina and restaurant reservations.

Regarding the lunch time Raft Up in Yokesfleet. Sunday 26 June is an appropriate date as high water is at 11.30hrs. Traditionally this has been an all-inclusive affair with yachts, motorboats and RBODs attending with each crew bringing their own refreshments/lunch. Depending on how many boats attend, the largest vessel anchors, with the smaller boats tied alongside.
We look forward to seeing members at the Yokesfleet.

Peter Howard
07775 753880