The Royal Burnham Yacht Club welcomes new members to take part in any or all of our Sailing and Social activities.

The Club's main aim is to be a family friendly club, and to build a multi-generational membership - yes, we have our competitive side out on the water, but we believe the development of life long social relationships is just as important. For this reason we are always on the look-out for families with young children who may not yet have discovered the fun to be had just messing about on the water.

As with most private clubs there is a process to go through. If you already know members of the Club they will advise you of the steps you need to take. If you are new to the area, or do not know any existing members, perhaps the best course of action is to visit the Club and see what we have to offer? Feel free to call our Secretary, Beccy Haley, on 01621 782 044, or email her at, to arrange the best time to come in to see us.

Costs of membership appear below. There is currently no joining fee.