Hartley Straker supported by the three Vice-Presidents, had indicated that he did not wish to continue in office, and did not think that the Club needed a President and Vice Presidents. Although a proposal to alter the Articles to this effect was not carried, his wishes were reflected in the appointments of the next four years.

Nov. 1941 Commodore Glyn Terrell

Vice Commodore Brian Neal

No other officers.

Dec. 1942 Commodore Glynn Terrell (first elected and Dec. 1943 May 1940 i.e. 41 years)
Vice Commodore Brian Neal
Rear Commodore Warwick Smith
Dec. 1944 Commodore John Serrell Watts
President Hartley Straker
Vice Presidents F. B. Pitcher, Stephen Herring,
Glynn Terre!!
The meeting was adjourned until:
Feb. 1945 Vice Commodore C. C. Booth
Rear Commodore Dr. L. H. B. (Ben) Light
Hon. Solicitor J. Wylie Patterson

John Watts was very conscious of the fact that he was a comparatively recent member and never had been a yachtsman. He had done valuable work during the war years and took over from Glynn Terrell at what must have been a difficult time. He insisted on standing down as soon as the war was over, leaving the A.G.M. in December 1945 to appoint a new team to return the Club to normal peacetime activity. His methodical legal mind remained a source of strength on the Committee.